Get Approved Google AdSense Account

1. Buy a Top Level Domain
It is now not a new tip but it is necessary to mention first that you need a TLD (Top Level Domain name) like .com .net .net .org or any one you like but free domains are not worked like , or any other.

2. Your Blog Must have Some Unique Content :
Before applying for Adsense, post some unique content on your blog. It must have at least 30 to 40 posts and also have privacy policy page, contact page and about us page.

3. Simple and Professional Design :
Select a simple but professional template for your blog. Every page has links to navigate the users to other pages of site. Avoid to load with extra widgets like counters etc.

4. You have 200 or more Unique visitors per day :
Your blog have must receive 200 or more visitors daily. In the start you need to work hard to drive traffic on your blog which only possible by applying some SEO tips and by providing useful content to your visitors. I suggest you to wait 4 – 5 months and then apply for GA account. New domains application are rejected mostly.

“Above four tips are necessary and every blogger say to follow them but now I am going to reveal some extra tips specially for those who follow all above tips and still facing rejection”

5. Write Posts on Hot Topics :
Many times Google not approved your application for AdSense because they don’t find ads related to your site topic that’s why before applying see ads on other sites and then put articles which are related to ads like Web Designing, SEO, Hosting these topics always are hot and Google has ads related to these keywords. You can put Keywords in meta description and in heading tags too.

6. Put Ads on more than one Blog :
If you full fill all requirements of GA and also follow first four tips then your can surly get half approved account and Google say to you to put ads code to your site. This time not only put ads at only one site for which you apply, also put your ads on other site if you have. But If you have only one site then request your friends to place your ads code on their sites.

Point # 5 and 6 are important and I got my account by applying above tips. This is not enough, I will also share some more points in my later posts. Now give your suggestion and share your experience with us in comments..