Elysa & Jim's Swaziland Adventure

We are now living and serving in Swaziland. Jim and I moved our family here at the very end of 2013. Jim is a teacher at Zion Bible College. We are also involved as a family and as individual members in various ministries including volunteering at a local orphanage, going on a regular basis to a hospice, serving at the church we attend, and hosting many visitors and short-term mission groups.

Twenty-two years ago, God sent me [Elysa] to Swaziland for two years as a Southern Baptist Journeyman missionary. I fell in love with the people and the country. In 2008, He took me back to Africa and fired up my passion for His beloved Swazis. After a few more trips and much prayer, the decision was made for Jim to take early retirement and go into full-time mission work. Jim now also shares this love for Swaziland, a nation that is facing dire circumstances due to drought combined with the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. The nation is confronting an orphan crisis with around 10% of the population comprised of children who have lost one or both parents. Most Swazis classify themselves as Christians but there is a need to strengthen the churches and provide training and theological education for the pastors and church leaders. The majority of these churches are overwhelmed by the needs of their people.

The purposes of this group are:

1. Inform family and friends of news and needs.

2. Gather prayer support.

3. Educate others on the needs in Swaziland and opportunities for them to be involved in ministry...whether through actually GOING or financial support or prayer.

What an adventure it is to follow the heart of God!

To learn more about Swaziland and the ministries we are involved in, visit Elysa's website at http://elysasmusingsfromgraceland.blogspot.com/ .