Welcome to Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe Party. [This for Public Engagement, Please feel free share your thoughts about our party and our country Zimbabwe!]

Freedom Justice Coalition is a new political party for Zimbabweans globally currently in it's structuring and development phase.

We also have a Facebook Page and website Https://, whose aims are to share information about various aspects of our political party, our administrative staff members, volunteers and various other networked partners who would like to see the FJCZ vision become a living reality in Zimbabwe.

However we felt that we needed a second platform where members of the general public can come and engage us by also sharing sources of information that they may have concerns with or that they think may help build a better socio-economic and political environment in Zimbabwe.

We also welcome on here members of other political parties from Zimbabwe and the world at large to come debate and discuss issues that have an impact on both local and international socio-economic and political topics of interest. We strongly believe that it is in the sharing of ideas that we can find ways of improving the way we understand life and our enviroments.

We ask that all those joining the group respect other people sharing their opinions on this platform. FJCZ strongly believes in values based on the principles of Ubuntu/Hunhu where every individual forms an important part of this puzzle of life.

Please see the FJCZ Rules under Documents section. Group moderators and administrators will ask members to delete any comments deemed to violate these rules, and if the member refuses to do so the comment will be deleted and the member banned from joining the group again.

We thank you for having an interest in our party and look forward to building a healthy, progressive relationship that will lead to seeing our country as the bread basket of Africa again.

We do apologise for adding you to the group without a formal invitation, please feel free to leave the group should you find it does not meet your interests. Siyabonga! Tatenda, Thank you