Buy, Sell, Swap or give away Newcastle West

New rules of the group

1) 3 or more items must be put into an album.

2) i know working form a mobile u cannot put into album but if u could keep uploading to a minimum of 4 pics until something is sold gives everyone a chance.

3) please add prices, sizes, and where ur from to each pic to avoid unnecessary commenting on individual pics, please only comment on pic if interested as everytime u comment it bumps album which is unfair to others.

4) bumping will b every 3 days which will allow every member to have a fair chance of selling their items.that also includes adds for pages. DO NOT PUT IN REPEATS just bump up the old adds

5) pets are allowed on this page

6) and one finale thing no abuse or any mean comments will be allowed and admin has a right to remove any person with out telling them.

7) if you have a problem with another member on this page please pm admin and we will try to solve it. this also includes no shows and if an member has been reported by more than 3 people they will be removed from the page.