University of Birmingham PASS Hong Kong Freshers 2014-15

Dear Freshers,

Welcome to the University of Birmingham :)!

Being freshers ourselves just a year ago, we understand that you may be somewhat confused and maybe a little scared right now, so that's what we're here for!

This page is specially set up for you guys where you can ask us (and other members) questions about anything and everything related to your new life in Birmingham and uni to help you prepare for the leap to UK and settle in, and just as importantly, meet new friends. Feel free to talk to us if there's anything on your mind, we'll be happy to help.

We will also keep you updated with news from Birmingham Public Affairs and Social Services Society (PASS), sharing with you our exciting and meaningful events and more!

Best of luck with your one and only first year!

Birmingham PASS

Contact details:

Committee Members 2014-15:

Harry Kwong (President)
07784340561 / 98753939

Edward Chan (Vice-President, PA)
07543898996 / 97688760

Cherry Tsang (Vice-President, SS)
07842108626 / 98498234

Tania Chan (Secretary)
07455000308 / 97201078

Simon Lo (Treasurer)
07449148520 / 61233952

Brian Lee (Marketing Director)
07879099459 / 66998168

Kristie Chan (Public Relations officer)
07706239186 / 92721314

Andrew Lam (Publication officer)
07454600226 / 60890505

Jennifer Lee (Executive officer)
07454886286 / 60759186