24/7 Bancroft Area Yard Sale

1. No Drama ---this means
Respect people and their right to post at whatever price they want to post at. (I don't care if you think $10 is too much for a used movie, it's not your right to make a stink over it - just simply don't post about it or comment on it)

Obviously no swearing, sexual content, racism, hate/religious views etc are allowed. No sexual harassment etc.

2. Bumping
Bump every 24 hours, unless your a business than Bump every 48 hours.
If you're bumping an album, just bump it not every piece in the album.
Try to bump only a couple of items/day, not everything in one day
No Re Posting this is what bumping is for
If you have 7 different pictures of the same thing or different things Please ask for Amanda to make it into an album for you --that would be if you can't make an album Not everyone is interested in clothing

3. AlbumsBusiness's are allowed to post items to an album only. You can bump your album once in 48 hours -- no less and no warnings. If you can't make an album with your phone, then wait until your near a personal computer somewhere or ask Amanda to help you make one

4. Everything must be priced if your going to do OBO have some price so people will get an idea where your going --- on a $100.00 item the best offer can be $2.00 ---so if we know kind of what your looking for it makes it easier for everyone

5. Must have Pictures

6. When items have sold DELETE--if you can't delete tag an adminIf your item is on the wall it will be deleted after one year --- albums this will not happen

7. Weapons --- if you need a document to buy one at a store don't post it on the site --- it is just that easy


9. Location is a must --- and if your willing to deliver it or not --or if you have a place people can drop it off

10. No Blocking Admins

11. If your looking for an apartment please go to Bancroft Houses and Apartment Rental ---- that way it won't get lost on here

and finally---- And most importantly: I do not get paid to run this site. I created it so I could clear out my garage. I will not mediate sales, meet n greets between buys and sellers and will not ban someone just because you think I should. This site is BUYER/SELLER Beware and use at your own Discretion. If someone "stiffed you" or repeatedly doesn't show up for an exchange or sells you a broken item (your fault for not checking first though) -- I would appreciate a quick inbox. It does not mean I will do anything, it just means I will RECORD the behavior and if I get enough complaints about the same person, then a BAN from the site would be justifiable. We are all adults. I do my best to keep this site Drama Free and if you cause Drama, it could get you banned WITHOUT WARNING