This group was created so people in and around Owensboro could sale their children's used toys! It's like a yard sale without having to leave your house!

1.This group is only to sale children’s toys and other stuff related to children. Please don’t post weight-loss pills or work from home ads!

2.Items you may post for sale: toys, books, DVDs, games, children’s furniture, strollers, bottles. Please do not post childrens clothing. There are other groups just for that. If you have an item and not sure if you can list it on here just ask.

3.When posting more than 3 pictures please create an album. If you need help creating an album just ask.

4.Please keep your album up-to-date. If an item has sold and has already been picked up please delete the photo.

5.Please communicate with buyer/seller.

6.Please do not sale broken items. If the item has stains, marks, or is missing something please state that it does in the description.