'Avalaf or fuck off!'

DJ's, Producers, Promoters, Sound System,... Radio, Party fun time yeeeaa?

Check out Avalaf Radio EVERY WEDNESDAY from 8-11pm onwards on WWW.AVALAF.CO.UK for a weekly dose of all sorts of musics and silly banter...

Look out for Avalaf nights and come and avalaf!

Resident crew: G-Zus, Deleted Scene (aka Phil McGappin), Rastafairy, L-Tech, Gundrilla, Lemon Squash, Dub.son, Bloodaxe, DJ Cretin, DJ Beta, Hez*****h..

Some Artists who have played at our nights: Macka B, YT, Cut&Run, Deadly Hunta, McMash Clan, Dolphin, Ed Cox, Jahba, Duran Duran Duran, Hoonboy, Mr Woodnote & Lil Rhys, Henry Heatwave, MattyKore, Uprizing, Kev The Poet, DJ Lobes to name a few...

Search Avalaf Sounds on Facebook, Soundcloud or even Google for mixes and tunes from some of the Avalaf crew.