Old Vikings of Old Valley High 1966-1973

This is a virtual reunion group for Valley High School in Valley Station, KY Let's get into the old Way Back Machine and go back in time to the days of our youth. This group is for those interested in the history and experience of Valley High School and growing up in Valley Station It is also about the interests of that time. You may be a student in the dates shown, earlier or later, you are welcome here. You may have grown up in Valley, gone there for a bit, or gone to Stuart High School in Valley Station, you are welcome. Teachers and others interested in the school are welcome. Let's have a blast from the past. We have only a few ground rules. We ask no commercial posts, no political or religious debate, and let's not disparage each other in the past or now. Avoid vulgar language also. Enjoy, have fun and good memories. Mr. Peabody is revving up the machine, Vikings on board and we are off. Enjoy!