Crusade Against Mohamed

"Fighting the Islamic Invasion is not fighting the NWO. Fighting the NWO is fighting both."---Sargent Koranflusher---

This group is dedicated to presenting historical data on the formation of the ideology of Islam and the man who single-handedly invented it. The written evidence shows that Mohamed routinely suffered from some type of seizures, foamed at the mouth and lost consciousness. It was at these times that Mohamed said that he received many of his "revelations" from Allah. Interestingly, these same symptoms are also exhibited by those who have demonic possession according to Father Malachi Martin, who was an official exorcist for 30 yrs for the Vatican. Mohamed, at this time, developed deep depression and also believed he was demon possessed. He questioned his own sanity and had thoughts of suicide. Unfortunately, his first wife who was 25 yrs older than him convinced Mohamed that he was sane. No one knows why she did this, but it bolstered Mohamed's confidence in himself.

It is argued that he also had late stage Syphilitic Dementia. His face became covered in oozing lesions and began to emit a foul smell. Therefore he began to wear the cloth seen covering his face in his later years. An attempt to poison him was made by one of his "wives" who in reality was simply a Jewish woman that he was raping after Mohamed had killed her husband and father. He ordered the mass execution of thousands of prisoners, the rape of their women and their sale into slavery. He assassinated poets and his critics. He had people boiled and others forced to drink boiling liquid. Others were flayed, dismembered and tortured. Mohamed simply put was the vilest of human garbage - a man to be hastily dispatched in a summary execution.

Spending a dozen or so years seeking converts to follow him in Mecca, Mohamed could gather only a handful of about 150. After the death of his uncle who protected Mohamed from the wrath of the Meccans who hated him and his foolish talk, Mohamed was forced to flee to a safer location and was accepted by the Jews of Medina. That is until they too figured out that Mohamed was a freak and a madman. It was at this time that Mohamed changed his tune and started preaching the hate-filled violent verses of the Koran that abrogate the earlier peaceful verses written while still in Mecca.

As Mohamed's atrocities grew his wealth grew and he found new converts eager to kill, rape, torture, rob, steal, extort and enslave in the name of Mohamed and his phony god, and all for a tidy profit and without ever having to face the consequences for their life of crime.

It is our contention that their crimes must be brought to light and that those Moslems today who revere, no, even worship, this murdering bag of filth, named Mohamed, are complicit in covering up the crimes of the most vile mass murdering psycho the world has ever seen....and that they should be brought to justice also.

Thank you,
Sargent Koranflusher