The Shanto-Mariam Foundation was formed by Md. Imamul Kabir Shanto, an eminent and educationally minded businessman, and his equally enthusiastic wife, Tahmina Chowdhury Kabir (Mariam), with the object of promoting techno-bbaased and cultural education to the general public , at realistic prices.

In the first phase of development, the Shanto-Mariam Academy of Creative Technology was created to provide short courses for both children and adults through the Palin School of Arts and Design, Singapore. The Bangladesh institute of Art, Design and Technology offers full –time technical, vocational and cultural courses, mainly through Edexcel International, UK at National and Higher National Diploma level.

It was realised very quickly that there was a need in Bangladesh for such techno-based education at higher levels, particularly in the field of design, product development and culture, together with the more traditional subjects of Business Administration and Computer Science. An expert international team was put together and a project encompassing these was written and submitted.

The project received Government approval to offer four_ year Honours degrees and post_ graduate degrees in what is now the first Design oriented Private University in the region – the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology.

Aim and Objective

Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology is committed to a declared mission of providing international quality Higher Education and of contributing to the sustainable economic growth of the country by a planned relationship between itself, the community, commerce, industry and the creative sector of Bangladesh. The University is also committed to giving all due respect to the intellectual and creative potential and dignity of all staff, students and everyone with whom it has contact as human beings without regard to racial, ethnic, religious or cultural background.


The aim of the University will be to produce versatile and resourceful practitioners with design, scientific, technological, cultural and social knowledge to equip them for the 21st century, in an educational environment which fosters innovation, enterprise and enthusiasm for excellence.


To develop an internationally recognized University providing courses of study and awards tailored to meet the needs of all design activity in Bangladesh.

To foster and extend the inherent creative talents of Bangladesh in the fields of art, dance and music.

To maintain corporate membership of recognized international professional bodies, eg the Textile Institute, the Royal Society of Arts, and to ensure that courses are designed so as to quality students, upon graduation for individual membership.Aim and Objective

To establish international links with Universities in Europe, the UK USA, Asia, Australia and elsewhere to facilitate international quality education to offer educational opportunities to people in mid-career to enhance and extend their educational qualifications without interrupting their careers.

The upgrade the image of commerce, industry and the creative sector from that of being a secondary player to one of being a world leader.

To increase the productivity, efficiency and product value of commerce, industry and the creative sector through the development of Resource and research Center, as well as supplying international standard education to those sectors and providing information, source material and data.

To develop a technically competent and socially aware work force through the provision of public lectures, research and consultancy linked to local, national and international issues.

To provide all aspects to technical assistance to such sectors as require it.

To forge links with other institutions locally and abroad to encourage exchange of staff and students, to increase awareness of good practice and to promote the reputation of Bangladesh in general.

To keep close contact with students, ex-students and employers so as to remain continually aware of their needs and thus ensure that all opportunities possible are created for personnel in all sectors to maximize their intellectual and creative potential.

To promote good communication among staff and within the customer base, to appraise the performance of all employees and to provide opportunities for development and training appropriate to their needs and those of the University.

To fulfill the dream of many Bangladesh entrepreneurs of creative a University where the Arts, Design, Business and Technology can all be studied in tandem, and to promote the reputation of the University by encouraging excellence in all aspects of its work...........