Free cycle watford

This is not a selling page, We do not sell items, items here are free to whom may request or want them.
once you've agreed to give the item away to someone. Please agree on a time and date for collection or drop off.
If you agree to give an item to whom has requested the item first and they do not show up bump your post and or give it to the person next in line.
items not allowed to be given away, posted or sold on this site..
no knives
no illegal items
no alcohol
no tobacco products
no animals to be given away(please go to an animal selling page)

If giving away an item or items that are in non working order please could you state it in the post details.
anyone posting any of the above items will be deleted and banned from the group

any issues please contact one of the admin.
we also dont accept abusive behavior
anyone doing so will be banned and blocked from the group.

Thank you Admin