For sale in Avonmouth/Shirehampton & Lawrence Weston

Welcome to our selling page for Avonmouth Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston

If you have 3 or more pictures please put them in an album so they are easily found...Please put a price on your goods not offers, this will stop any stupid comments and arguments also please add your location........This is a Selling Site only, no business's or selling pages will be advertised on here. We will not allow people to sell animals or weapons of any kind. First to comment gets first refusal. If you can deliver please state that on your status, if not put collection only which will stop people asking. Sharing is caring any rudeness, lack of manners or arguing will result in a ban, We do not tolerate admin blockers as we can still see you.

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the admin list is


shauna stevens-(avon)
marie jefferies-(body shop)
char anne summers
lydia ann summers
jayn's anne summers