FSII-Political System Change for Solomon Islands

Everything from corruption to elections to perfecting, reforming or completely overhauling the system begins here!


1) To encourage political expression of ideas for change in the current political system of Solomon Islands.

2) To address political problems and frustrations within the system and make suggestions on reforms or better options or alternatives for the system.

3) To discover who we are as a people and recognize with other political systems that may work for us as a third world developing state.

4) To encourage the discussion of new ideas for innovative change for the political system or ideas that will create good policy making and better governance within the system that can create maximum output of performance within our economy and political strength in the long haul.

5) To address managerial and policy issues that affect the lives of ordinary Solomon Islanders and to suggest practical and positive solutions for these policies and issues.

6) To encourage discussion and new ideas on the advancement and development of our rural areas.

7) To address governance issues and the effective distribution of funds to our constituencies and the recognition for the grassroots and unprivileged within our society

8) To encourage the full participation of women in Politics.

9) To embrace new ideas for political stability within parliament.

Everyone is welcome to this group, keep the ideas constructive, positive and thoughtful of one another and lets us bring those ideas and work together to ensure a brighter future for Solomon Islands.