Celtic F.C '67

This group was formed after the previous Celtic FC group to which we used to belong failed to remove an offensive and inappropriate picture of Ally McCoist crying at Tommy Burn's funeral. There's banter and then there's crossing the line! In light of that groups administrators' failure to remove the offending pic, or indeed even to respond to our complaints, Scott Flyingnome Egan and myself, Simon Rigby, have set up this breakaway group.

Please feel free to come and join us here where trollers and sicko's will not be tolerated and where the admin. of the page will be controlled throughout each day, every day. All views will of course be welcome just so long as they don't upset, intimidate or annoy Bhoys and Ghirls belonging to the Group in a manner that has nothing to do with fitbah or Celtic . . . we do understand that tempers sometimes fray and that everyone has their own opinion which can conflict with others and that's fine but let's not let it deteriorate into the personal abuse and sexist bollocks that often happened in the previous Celtic FC group. We're all part of the Celtic family clan so let's just concentrate on what's important . . . and that's supporting our team through thick and thin and laughing at the demise of the orcs and manky mob!!!!! HAIL HAIL!!