Adelaide University French Club

The Adelaide University French Club is a club that celebrates the French language and culture, and is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether they’re studying French, or can speak a word. We run a series of events throughout the year, the most popular being the annual play. Directed, performed, and sometimes scripted by students, this amateur piece of theatre, performed entirely in French, is open to anyone with a theatrical flair and quirky nature. Recent productions include “Trois Contes de Fées Boulversées” (student-written, 2007), “Les Mamelles de Tirésias” (d’Apollinaire, 2008), "Du Vent dans les Branches de Sassafras" (de René de Obaldia, 2010) and "Il Était une Autre Fois" (de Mathias Perez, 2011)

Other events include weekly conversation groups, the annual pub crawl and French film screenings. We also run two events every year in conjunction with our friendly rivals the Adelaide Uni German Club; a quiz night and soccer match. The French Club is one of the largest on campus, and you’re bound to meet interesting people! If you’re studying French at Uni (or even if you’re not, and just enjoy the culture), then the French Club is an absolute must!