Staples Motley Swap and Shop

The rules of this group are EASY and SIMPLE:

1- Post photos of your items for sale

2- When your item sells, REMOVE the... photo promptly and continue your sale in private messaging. Keep in mind the suggestion of meeting in a public setting for safety reasons.

3- If you find the sale falls through, repeat 1 and 2.

4- Be kind, manners matter.

5- Harassment, slander of people/businesses and spammers will not be tolerated and you will be banned promptly.

6- You are solely responsible for your sales in this group, whether you are buying or selling, Admins take no responsibility for people's actions.

7-Remove photos yourself after 15 days. No duplicating photos within the same 15 days. If you are caught duplicating photos you will be deleted from the site.

8-If posting 5 or more photos please put into an photo album.

9- We do not allow the sale of baby formula, breast pumps, or baby food. (unless you have a receipt showing you purchased it with your own money)

10- This site is like a garage sale. If you want it buy it if you don't pass it on. If you meet someone and the item isn't what it was suppose to be you don't have to buy it.