A special Boy we call Bear

Hi everyone, so what is new in Bears world. Well I am Ten now, I am getting old, I had a lovely Birthday party put on for me at Keech. I had people dancing, a lovely cake and loads of presents, but only one day after my birthday I started to struggle with my breathing as I have only one lung that works you see. Mummy got scared and took me to the hospital as I was very poorly and really finding it hard to breathe on my own, I was in a bad way, but hay I have been in a bad way before but this time I was really, really, really bad . I had to be put on machines to help me breathe and if the doctors did not do this they said that I might have died, mummy and daddy was really scared. I was rushed too Gosh where a team of nurses took care of me, I was very poorly and was fighting for my life, again. I fought for my life before so I was not going to let this beat me and I knew if I fought enough I could come off the machines. I did just that and within five days they took me off the machines to see if I could breathe on my own, it was a struggle at first but I could breathe on my own which meant I could go home for Christmas. I got loads of presents and got loads of cuddles from mummy, daddy and Cheska, what more could I ask for?
Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy what with my new bathroom being built, my confirmation, and meeting penguins. My confirmation was nice but guess what I slept all the way through it, come on did you really think I would be awake. I had the Bishop and Father Steven do my confirmation and had Erkan and Joanne as my sponsors and again I also got loads of presents which I thank you all for, and I also have another name now Francis, but you can still call me Bear. I have also had penguins come and see me when I was at Keech which was really good as they are my favourite animal in the world, I got to stroke them and they were really funny and smelt a bit but I don’t mind as I loved them.
Well what else can I tell you all about, well I don’t really know, I am still very, poorly and still having loads of seizures, the doctors have said that I am now under terminal care, which means that I will not be getting any better. It is not nice for everyone that loves me and cares for me to hear, but hey I am still here and having fun what else do I need.
So I just want to say thank you to everyone that has posted nice comments on my wall and that have prayed for me over the last couple of months. Love to you all Bear.