This church is the oldest indigenous pentecostal ministry in Sierra Leone. It was founded in July 1945 by the late Bishop J. N. Kajue upon his return to the country after serving as naval officer in the then Gold Coast now Ghana where he was baptised in the Holy Ghost and commissioned to take the gospel far and wide while attending a revival service with the church in Takoradi.

Since its founding in 1945, the church has spread to the provinces in Sierra Leone with the first mission to Morkorewo in Moyamba in 1945, then to Kono District, Kailahun District, Bo District and then Guinea and Liberia.

Because of the 1991to 2002 civil war in the country, many branches died down. Also an unfortunate doctrinal and administrative rift engulfed the church, leading to a split and the founding of the sister church "United God is our Light" Both fellowships continue to spread the word though separated. God is our Light Church is in Freetown, Yams Farm, Goderich, Bo District, and Kono District, with headquarters at Jomo Kenyatta Road in Freetown.

Deacon Samuel Kambay General Secretary
Rev. Moses Komba Asst. Gen. Sec.