Offer your services. Switzerland

Any individuals with fake pictures, fake names, fake profiles, incoherent names and abusive walls or pictures will be blocked and reported.
What can you do? Sewing, swimming lessons, sales courses, consulting, gardening, cooking, teaching, catering, baking, proofreading, singing...possibilities are endless. Let's create a platform in which individuals can offer their services or recommend others. We are based in Switzerland. Do not forget to add a contact email in case anyone would need additional information. Feel free to write an intro to what you do and where you are based.
As the group grows, I wanted to post some guidelines:
1. This is not a group interested in money loans so please don't join with that purpose.
2. Not a group interested in ipads/iphones and other mobile devices from Dubai or Asia. Sellers should be in the EU or Switzerland.
3. No request for payments of any kind via Western Union are allowed.
4. No spamming

Thank you :)