The Black Files

Greetings friends

I have decided to set up this group because i am bored of the constant merry go round of all the other groups the same old CGI rubbish that gets posted time after time after time it is through this process of constant bombardment of lies put out by the systems propaganda machines that helps to strengthen the lies that they tell you.

The greatest lie NASA has told is there is no life in our solar system and we are the only things that exist in it?

This is total lie which has been enforced by the so called de bunkers who try to cleverly explain the unexplainable in order to persuade you the general public that everything is ok so you carry on as normal, these de bunkers are like shepherds they appear when the lie is challenged and cleverly guide you back into the system?

Well you my friends who have seen my processes from start to finish know i have de bunked the de bunkers ;-)

Hopefully we can use this group to piece together factual evidence like what i have done with the cigar shaped ship laying in Delporte crater. The facts are that ship is actually in Delporte crater and i have had this verified by numerous intellectuals and physicists who study the moon, The information they have been given by NASA about the object is wrong so their conclusions are that it is lava that melted into that crater millions of years ago. Nasa have strengthened that lie by producing the L.R.O.C imaging software that has allegedly re mapped the moon unfortunately for NASA their software has been doctored and has been proved to be doctored just like they doctored the 1960's images of the crater and the buildings that surround it to keep the public in the dark and to maintain the lie that we are the only living thing in the Solar system.