Farmington New Mexico On-Line Garage Sale

Welcome to the FARMINGTON NEW MEXICO On-Line Garage Sale.

Post the items you want to sell in Farmington and the surrounding areas. This is a way that everyone can sell their new or used items and find great local deals.

Rules for the site:

You must posess a valid permit to sell food products of any kind. The food items will have to be approved by an admin as well as proof of valid permit must be shown. Failure to follow the rules will lead to removal from this group.

Please see the following if you have any questions.

NO DRAMA or foul language or you will be removed and banned.

NO GUNS ALLOWED (this includes pellet, airsoft, and BB guns)

*You can only bump your items 2 times in 12 hour period. Not following the bumping rules will result in post removal.

To make life easier on everyone, when an item is "sold" tag one of us (Donald Valencia, JJ Valencia, or Danielle Ace Edwards) on the post. We will be notified of the transaction and can delete the post.

It is being brought to our attention that people are unhappy with prices of items. If you are interested make a reasonable offer. If you’re not happy with the price, simply scroll past the post and don't bash the seller for the price.

We don’t want to post a bunch of rules, but we would like to reiterate what should be expected of seller/buyers.


Please post the price, location, and an honest description. Post the picture of YOUR items, not pictures from the web.

Try to work with people on price offers. Either counter-offer or turn the offer down.

When posting you must make the price clear. Do not simply put “make me an offer,” or your post will be deleted.


Once an offer has been made for the seller’s full price, do not attempt to “out-bid” the buyer.


If you make plans to meet up for an item please either keep those plans or call to reschedule with the other person.

Make reasonable offers/counter-offers.

Work with each other on reasonable meeting places. Meet in the middle if possible or make other arrangements.

**It is first come first serve unless stated otherwise by seller**

If you don’t show up for a scheduled meeting without advanced notice you will get a warning. You could ultimately be REMOVED from the site if it continues to be an issue.

*The sell/trade/barter of tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana products is not allowed.*

*Personal posts are also not allowed! Please do not ask for money, free items, or personal assistance without approval.*

*You must get approval from an admin before posting fund raiser or business advertisement information.*

Follow the bumping rules. This site is for everyone to use. Bumping more than asked is not fair for everyone and the posts will be removed. (2X in a 12 Hr period)

We are in no way responsible for any and all transactions associated with this site.

Contact an admin if there are any other questions or concerns.