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Kikuyu is a town in the Central Province of Kenya. The town is located 20 km northwest of central Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Kikuyu hosts a town council and an administrative division in the Kiambu District.

The town is named after Kĩkũyũ people, the dominant tribe in the area. The town itself has an urban population of 4100, but the surrounding densely populated rural territory brings the total population to 165,594.[1]

Due to its geology and rich soil texture, there is much livestock and crop farming. Kikuyu has a railway station on the Uganda Railway.

In recent times the population has grown to over 600,000 people.[citation needed]

The town is about 20 minutes from Nairobi via a number of routes, including a dual carriage road.

The town has some British colonial history links Like the Right Reverend MusaGitau (Kiswahili for Moses Gitau), an African believer in democracy who led among the first christian faithful during the colonial times. He lived and worked in the town as a reverend and in his honor two schools were named after him.

Many Institutions have developed in this town, including a major eye unit hospital, a christian university, and many primary and secondary schools have.