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Aries Horoscope:Your casual attitude towards love could be very dangerous. Taking love and your partner for granted will only distance them from you. You will be easily agitated this week. You will lack the energy and drive to be your usual charming self. Your honest, sensitive, caring and loving nature makes you the perfect husband and father. This is an aspect of yourself you've not revealed. Your illusions and nightmares haunt you. Meditation will help you rid of these unwanted and unnecessary thoughts from entering your mind. Keep meditating till you are free of it all. You have wronged a dear one accidentally. Seek forgiveness and you will be atoned of your wrong. Circumstances keep you from pursuing your favorite hobbies. Do not let this dampen your spirit. You will soon find time to do so. You will get a chance to take a vacation trip to an exotic destination with your family. If you are considering beginning a new relationship, it is advised that you think about it seriously. It would even help if you sought some guidance before committing. Taurus Horoscope:Your generous and loving ways towards your children make you their hot favorite parent. You will enjoy a joyful and happy time. This week your family might act hard to please. They might be in a disapproving mood. You may find the situation difficult to handle especially because there is no one to support you emotionally or physically. Your stars are in favorable positions. You will succeed in any project that you undertake. You will be at your charming, enthusiastic and intellectual best. Forgiveness shall set you free. If you've been hurt by someone who has done you some grave wrong, forgiving them will bring you peace. It will also earn you respect of others. You have wasted a lot of your time running around for others. It's time now to think for yourself and for your future. You love your freedom and independence. Your responsibilities are tying you down. And to top it all, complaints from those depending on you will irritate you. Business trips you make would turn out very profitable and successful. You would love to have some stability now. But your family is in the mood for an adventure. Go along with them for a vacation, relax and have fun. You will come back energized. Gemini Horoscope :If you are unhappy with your present job and are looking for change, then this is not a good time. The stars are not favorable for such a move. Bide your time and you could start on your dream project or new career very soon. You have been working overtime and find no time to spend with your family. They are sorely missing you. They are people who support you unconditionally. Take time out to show them that you care. A very positive week for women. You will be the object of affection of everybody as they come drawn to your sweet, unselfish nature. You will also motivate and inspire others. Creativity and imagination is your strength. Nurture it. Seek all the support and help that you need. This is the time when you could improve your life and lifestyle. You are a loyal and loving friend. But a betrayal by a friend can turn you into a cruel, merciless and insensitive person. Do not give vent to your emotions. Be calm or you might even break your relationship. Your philosophies guide you this week. Over analyzing people, things and issues may alienate you from people close to you. You will succeed in your civic work. Your efforts for the good of the society will be appreciated. You will receive encouragement to continue with the good work.
Cancer Horoscope:
You are advised not to make hasty decisions or experiment and take chances. You might be overestimating your abilities and may go wrong. You might have to take a few steps back at work or with your partner. Situations around you are beginning to get to a critical state. The best way to dissolve the potential crisis is to think through with a calm mind. You will find time to play with your children and to be with them. Get involved in their lives and they will open up the pleasures of life. Misunderstandings in your love life will cause some bewildering situations for you. It complicates life. Make time to have an open communication and clear all the mess you have gotten into. You will receive an unexpected romantic proposal this week. It will make you happy and energize you. Take your time, if you want to take it seriously, before making any commitments. Ego and pride only causes downfall of a man. You are advised to interact with people and listen to any advice they give you. It would help you reach your goal. You wield power and influence. Your love for new projects, meeting new people and pursuing new interests is very evident. You are highly optimistic. You will find more and more responsibilities thrust upon you. These may keep you from pursuing some of your more exciting hobbies. Students need to focus on their studies. This could be a defining moment in your life. Be well prepared. SEE MORE TOMORROW
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