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Who can apply Individual applicants must be Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents. Proof of citizenship or residency may be required. Individuals and organisations may apply for grants. The applicant should demonstrate an established record of achievement in the development and management of projects relevant to their proposed area of endeavour, and should provide evidence of this. Individuals who intend the grant they are applying for to be administered by a university should seek formal endorsement of their application from the relevant universities' Research Office or equivalent. Individuals and organisations from India are not permitted to apply directly to the Council for funding assistance. If the project has an Australian partner, that partner should apply for the funding assistance. Individuals or organisations from India who do not have an Australian partner must contact AIC India to discuss their proposal. Applications from Indian individuals and organisations will only be accepted if forwarded to the Council by AIC India. Contacts details for AIC India are listed on this page. As a government organisation, the Australia-India Council is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and encourages individuals and organisations from target groups to apply for grants under this scheme.