Keep The Falkland Islands British

What every tin-pot general forgets is the will of the people who actually live on the Falkland Islands, regardless of of military ability. As long as the people of the Falklands wish to remain British their wishes should over-ride any other.
And until the people of the Falklands choose other wise they are BRITISH CITIZENS (as provided in the British Nationality (Falkland Islands) Act 1983, the islanders are full British citizens), and the UK has a moral and legal obligation to defend that decision.
Argentina has never fully understood the concept of self determination for the Islands. Their pompous Spanish colonialism is a hang over from their Spanish roots. If Argentina is all about historical claim, it is the native south Americans who should be claiming the whole of Argentina for themselves not the left overs of Spanish imperial ambition. As for the rantings of a B rated 'has-been' actor, well it clearly reflects the desperation of the Argentine Presidency for publicity that they are forced to scrape the barrel.
Stand by the 3000 Islanders who wish to remain British and the 255 sevicemen who died defending that right in 1982.