Sun Peaks Survivors

This groups is for those of us that live or work in Sun Peaks. Sun Peaks Expats who want to stay in touch are also welcome.

Because we want to stay in touch with others for things like Rides, BBQs, Baseball, Poker, Golf, Movie Nights, Shopping Trips and all the other things we need to do to survive and thrive on the mountain.

Keep all rental posts on the Seasonal Renters Page.

Play nice and have fun. We live in a paradise that others pay good money to come and enjoy for short periods. You have the great fortune to live here, we work hard and play hard and enjoy the fruits of our chosen existence.

If you are just here for a season or don't live here please remove yourself when the group is no longer relevant as we like to have active and interested members only.

A few basic rules, violation of these can result in being removed and blocked without prior notice or warning.

- THINK BEFORE YOU POST. Be aware that what is posted here is visible by everyone including all employers. So what you post here is seen by the community. Something posted then deleted is still visible to a number of users and to the admin(s).

- Do not repost news from elsewhere. Prior consent from the admin can be requested for a link to an article you think is relevant and supportive of our community, articles that are actually about Sun Peaks like coverage of our community or an event.

- We have people in a number of high profile positions elsewhere on earth. In the olympics, doing humanitarian work, in government, championships ect. While we generally like to hear about them, please keep all posts coming from official sources like family members or approved media sources.

- Political debate is normal but keep it between yourselves and off the board. No conspiracy theories, gossip or slander. Anything that involves legal proceedings past, present or future is also forbidden.

- Posts or pictures that violate anyones privacy will be deleted and the poster will be banned. This can include pictures from accidents and includes license plate #s. if you are unsure, think twice or just ask the Admin(s).

- Be respectful of other members, you can disagree with others or show disinterest without being overly sarcastic, insulting or demeaning. Sometimes ignoring a post or saying nothing is the best answer.

- Advertising is allowed for local business only, be wise and considerate in what and how often you post. Local deals are always appreciated by the community!

- Keep things positive and light. A normal level of discord is expected but if you keep things respectful, this group runs smoothly.

Just to be clear, this is not a community or committee run group. This is my personal group that has grown to provide community services, in the end, it is not a democracy. If you disagree, please remove yourself from the group. Feel free to start you own.

Powder days, wicked runs, good times, good people...

Live the dream!