NEWCASTLE/HUNTER VALLEY: Buy, swap Sell freebies New, Used or Old

It is a condition of membership that you read and follow these rules:

* Please DO NOT post links straight onto the wall. Links are only to be added to the premade album provided. Any member seen posting links will have the link removed and the member will be temp banned. If it happens again the ban will be permanent. Sorry guys but there's just too many links being added and this is the only way I can see to make it fair for all.

* No being rude to other members or you will be deleted as we have 0 tollerence for rude behaviour as this is a friendly site and dont want it ruined by rude people.

* Please include suburb/location for pick up in your ad details as well as whether the item for sale is listed else where, full address & contact details left for inboxing purchaser and once something has been sold and picked up please delete it as it will take a long time to delete.

* Whom ever comments any type of sold on photo first is the new owner unless otherwise pulled out of sale - commenting any type of sold on photo means eg; 'Sold pending payment or sold p/p, sold pending negotiation, sold pending answers, ill take this ect. Inboxing does not show evidence of someone else purchasing, it makes it unfair to the person who comments a sold on an ad first & causes less outbursts by other group members. However in the instance of someone commenting sold and someone else offering more it is at the discretion of the seller to decide who gets the item. I think we all would take a higher offer of given the chance.

* When bumping a post to the top, please don't excessively bump. Just bump a few times a day

* There is a 3 Strike rule when picking up items. If you fail to pick up and fail to contact the seller 3 times you will be removed from the group as it doesn't take much common courtesy to let somebody know if you can't make it or no longer interested. You are simply just wasting everybody's time which isn't fair for anyone.

If you have any concerns just contact one of the following admin's:
Britt Banks (Creator)
Peita Banks
Nathan Reid
Leanne Flanders

if everyone follows these rules then we will have a friendly buy, swap, sell site :D