Marikina Facebook Against Crime and Corruption, Inc. (MFACC, Inc.)
SEC REG. NO. CN 201204065
COMPANY TIN. 008-234-892
FEBUARY 29 2012

1. To initiate and promote a healthy and harmonious relationship by developing the civic, spiritual, social, and cultural awareness and consciousness of its members and advancing security and trust to our community.
2. To conduct and sponsor seminars, symposia and technical training to be conducted by expert trainers and resource speakers.
3. To promote and maintain peace and order as well as cleanliness in the community in coordination with the proper government agencies.
4. To act as an intermediary with the different government agencies tasked with the delivery of basic necessities and services to the community.
5. To seek the assistance and guidance of government and private institutions necessary to achieve the full realization of the association's objectives.
6. To organize and undertake workshops for the livelihood projects and other socio-economic activities for the benefit of its members.
7. To do and perform all other acts and deeds as maybe necessary, convenient
and appropriate for the accomplishment of the forgoing purposes.

Marikina Facebook Against Crime and Corruption, Inc. (MFACC, Inc.) is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose aim is to improve the peace and order, security and trust wellbeing, disseminate vital information and self-reliance of people living within Marikina City and neighboring cities connected to us through Facebook without any or whatsoever political agenda intertwined within our goal.

MFACC, Inc. views its mission to improve peace and order of the communities and security wellbeing as an invaluable investment in the future of the people of Marikina City. Key stakeholders are our communities and individuals, city/regional government and partner non-governmental organizations. Our programs represent an integrated approach to improving peace and order situations and security wellbeing, and we seek lasting improvement through cost-effective, high-impact interventions.

MFACC, Inc., in partnership with communities and government, works to fight against crime and corruption through communicational programs and security wellbeing promotion that aims to advance security awareness and reduce the risk from one that is polarized and victimized.

MFACC, Inc.’s goal is to empower communities to help themselves and build local capacity so their improved peace and order situation is sustainable. We advocate security and wellbeing for all and create collaborative relationships with other stakeholder groups wherever we can so as to further sustained change in behavior and development.

MFACC, Inc. follows the organizational values of accountability, transparency and partnership.