Get in touch with Patna

Welcome to our group!! Please read me before you post anything o...n this group.
We have a message for current members and ones who are new to this. Please read these guidelines carefully before posting anything on this group. Any irrelevant posts and people using bad languages will be definitely removed from the group. So please don’t join if you are here for this. Below are the guidelines to post anything on PMIT.
1) This forum is used for any enquiries and sharing information so please be limited to that
2) Abusive and offensive language is NOT ALLOWED HERE AT ANY COST. If found the ones who comment and the ones who has posted some irrelevant thing will be removed from the group with immediate effect
3) If you are commenting on a post please be reasonable and not judgmental.
4) Seeking information posts shall be decent, not abusive and not offensive
5) If girls are getting harassed by the guys here when they post something on PMIT Patna through PM’s they are requested to report to the admin with a proof – like a screenshot or the link or anything and we assure of immediate action.