Dear Comrades, UFBU has finally called for Indefinite Strike of 10 Lakh Bankers. The Strike schedule is as follows 7th Jan 2015 - One Day All India Bank Strike
21-24 Jan 2015 - 4 Days All India Bank Strike
March 16 onwards - All India Indefinite Bank Strike. Comrades, the time schedule may be simple to read but it is going to be a 'Do or Die Battle' for all of us starting from the Bankers, their families, students, small business men, monthly salaried persons, Drivers, Patients, Children, Farmers, small traders, Coolies and every under-privileged section of this society. The proposed Indefinite Strike is not just for the wage revision but more importantly, To Save the Public Sector Banks from Privatization,
To Save the Working forces from the Clutches of Inhuman Capitalists,
To Save this Nation from Slavery,
To Give Employment for Lakhs of Jobless youths,
To Save Small Industries
To Save Students,
To Save Farmers,
To Save this Nation from Poverty,
To Save this Nation from Imperialism,
To Save the Hard Earned Money of the Indians from High scale Looting, Imagine.. Can any monthly salaried person get his salary if banks are closed?. Internet banking, ATM, Mobile Banking all become useless if there is 'No Money' in your accounts. Salary may be given by some Department or Company but without Bankers nobody can even see their Money. Instead of Banks, why cant you try to get your salary credit through some other Entities like Stock Exchange, MNCs, IT Companies, Reliance Money, Tata Capital, Manappuram, Muthoot, Metlife, Chamber of Commerce, CII, Nasscom, TASMAC, Railways, Ministries, Parliament, Courts etc?...Can you?..The answer is 'NO' only. You cant. If Money is the blood we are the capillaries and veins. Without bankers nothing moves. Infact we only credit salaries and pensions for the employees of the above said entities. Even our Honourable President of India cannot taste his Money without Bankers. Can any Motor vehicle run without fuel?. Can any Petrol Bunk get fuel without paying money to Oil Companies?. If Banks are closed no one can do remittance. So petrol bunks will be closed. The Entire Transportation, both Public and Private will halt. Imagine...No Bus, No Bikes, No Cars, No Flights, No Autos etc.!!! Can Food grains and Vegatables reach the markets without vehicles?. If Transportation is itself absent how do we get Food? Can anybody remit money without banks?. Even a Medical shop cannot get medicines...You will not have even a penny to purchase a bread..Imagine the Disaster my dear comrades.. Still plenty to cannot sleep So, Are not the Bankers more previliged than others? Please think comrades. We bankers are kicked from corners to corners like dogs in the name of transfers all to ensure that you all are tasting your money. We live away from our families for years together all to ensure that you live peacefully with your families. Please think of the Bankers and pressurize the Govt/IBA to settle our demands before the All India Indefinite Strike. Else the Nation has to face a Disaster which the entire Earth would not have seen so far. Sivakumar Duraipandy