Friends of Eco-tourism in Southern Pare moutains...KILIMANJARO

Tanzania’s Pare Mountains are located in Same, about 150 km southeast of Moshi and situated next to the Mkomazi National Park. The mountains are an infrequently visited region divided into two distinct ranges. This eco and cultural tourism program offers you the chance to explore the Southern Pare Mountains and their forest and to learn about the rural culture of the Pare people and local villages, some of Tanzania’s most isolated and traditional villages. We offer a variety of walks to various attraction and small villages that are little changed from centuries ago, giving you a chance to experience local life and culture.
Southern Pare Eco – Tourism is committed to promote the use of tourism as a means of alleviating poverty and of protecting the natural environment in the region. By opting to visit us you are making a direct contribution to improve the rural livelihood in Pare Mountains through educational and other community projects..If today Ecotourism is defined as; “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” then we belives that, ecotourism should be considered asan innovative strategy for conservation of natural resources especially in areas where poverty is a real challenge