NIUE aka: 'The Rock of Polynesia'

Fakalofa lahi atu & welcome to NIUE aka: 'The Rock of Polynesia', aka: Niue Fekai- SAVAGE ISLAND!!!
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400 - 1100 AD: first settlers on Niue by Tongans and Samoans. The Tongan influence is stronger in the south of the island (Tafiti) whereas the Samoan influence is stronger in the north. Oral tradition relate the origin to five tupuna (gods) known as Fao, Huanaki, Lageiki, Lagiatea and Talimainuku (Fakahoho) who came from the unknown land Fonuagalo.

In the 1300-1600 years of settlement, oral tradition has remembered only 7 kings. There have been several waves of settlement or arrivals from other islands.

1774: June 20th, Captain James Cook discovers the island. After attempting to land three times (at Tuapa, Opaahi and Avatele) while receiving three hostile receptions, he left, naming the island Savage Island. The island remains free from human contact for half a century.

1900: October 19th: Lord Ranfurly, Governor of New Zealand proclaims British Sovereignty over Niue but in reality paved the way to full annexation by NZ, as Niueans were unaware of all that...Lord Ranfurly, You're a SCUMBAG!!!

1964: the Niue Assembly decides that persons who had been absent for 20 years or more would automatically lose their former land rights on Niue, because retaining them would retard economic development.

1974: Niue becomes self-governing

2008: Group of Niuean Artists band together in Auckland city for a Group exhibition of Traditional & Contemporary art works, the show is called 'PULE FAKAMOTU' in celebration of Niue Constitution day celebrated annually on October the 19th in Both NIUE & NZ.