‫Azadi March آزادی مارچ‬

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■ NO Insults
■ NO Personal Attacks
■ NO Attacks on Religious figures
■ NO Incentive comments.

1.Don't abuse any one or each other.
2. Don't taunt any body.
3. In chat room talk with in limits.
4. Violations of rules are not allowed.
5. Obey admins instructions.

Please . Dont Use Bad language on the group. Protest PEACE , MASTI, LOVE & HAPPINESS!!!!! Abuse, Bad Language Fans and Spammer will be blocked forever without any Warning...
add your friendssss to make it the biggest group and enjoy!

This Group is of Common Interest Who Ever Supports the Real Patriotic Leader of Our Country Imran Khan can Join This Group.It is for Every Body. Opinions and views of People Respected But no Loose Talk or bad Language Wud b Allowed in the Group so Please Respect All Memeber, Specially If u have any Problem in This Group from Members Please Contact The Admins of The Group . Thanks.