Animated Paradise Of PAKISTAN

Hello and welcome to Animated Paradise of Pakistan!

People who are an avid fan of Japanese anime/manga/light novels/visual novels and Western animations/comics, this is the perfect place for you!

Discuss anything about animation, comics, or any other medium of Japanese and/or Western story-telling mediums!

Either Western comics/animation or Japanese comics/animation, as aforementioned.

We are broad minded people to suit your tastes into marvelous fiction.
Which is why we do not want wars about people raging at each others' tastes, either.

However, we do have a set of rules.

1. This is a closed group. Those who wish to join must send a request and be approved by an admin in order to be a part of the community.

2. No foul language please. Any blasphemous profanity and/or EXTREMELY offensive remarks shall not be tolerated.

3. No spamming. Any off-topic post or one that violates the rules of the community shall be deleted when spotted by the administrators. We have a separate event for the said things.

4. Religious/Political discussions are not allowed (even posts,memes and comments). This is a place to talk about the vibrant animations, not to spark religious and/or political flame wars. Please refrain from either of them.

5. Posting of explicit material/content is strictly forbidden. You shall be banned from the community if you do so.

6. Share your cosplay pictures, fanarts and anime merchandise or photoshop fun related to animation, if you possess any.

7. If you do join, please ask your friends to join as well, we'll really appreciate it. The more the merrier, ai?

8. You are permitted to advertise as long as its something anime and/or western animation related. HOWEVER, anything like the advertisement of various beauty products through scam links[ which don't really serve to do anything but fool people] isn't allowed.

9. If you have any complaints contact any one of the admins. Please do not go at each other's throats in the group; the admins are here for a reason.

1O. We may hold some competitions, do take part!

11. Last but not least, spoilers aren't allowed. If you must post one, then it must be in accordance with the following method:
*Anime name* *Spoiler alert*
At this point, the "See More" option would appear and the person who wants to get spoiled can go ahead.
Also, if you have a manga/anime picture you would like to associate with the post, do NOT just post it on the group wall. Copy the URL[link] of the picture and paste the URL in the post instead; with the the thumbnail removed.
Failure to be in coherence with any of the aspects of the aforementioned spoiler posting format shall result in the deletion of the post AND the banning of the member if they continue to do so.

Please join to show your support & help build our animation fanbase.