New Russian Mammas LA

A place where new, not so new, and soon to be Russian moms in LA can share advice on products, parenting, nannies, day cares, activities for kids and so on.

Just a few rules to improve your experience:

As a new mother, my intent in creating this Facebook group was to have a safe place where we can talk about our children and find and give advice to those seeking it. I don’t have time to police this group, but with more members in this group it has come to my attention that it is time to create some rules. I used the rules from mommy2mommy as a reference. This group is now an advertising-free group. I would also like to remind you to reframe from criticism or negative judgment of other members, preaching or offering unsolicited "professional" medical opinions, mass marketing efforts such as promoting your own business/product or other businesses/products, conducting market research, promoting events, contests or giveaways, and asking others for charitable donations. it's a much better endorsement to have one of your CUSTOMERS endorse you vs. promoting your own services in cases like these. To that end, if you notice that one of your posts has suddenly disappeared, it's likely it violates the rules and has been removed.
Please let me know what you think or if I should add anything else to the rules.
Thank you