Oklahoma Car Audio Buy/Sell/Trade

Alright guys and gals NEW RULES

I'm hearing complaints of garbage being sold on this page and the page not having the hype it used to. SO...I am laying out some new ground rules.

Your post must contain price and picture if you're selling an item.

If you are looking for an item be specific.

I will no longer allow any cheap garbage on this page leave it for craigslist or another page. Means no Boss, Sony Xplod, Dual, SPL brand. Basically crap that you find in a flea market or Walmart. This INCLUDES prefab boxes and other things non car audio related. No longer allowing things of non car audio to be traded. If it appears and I don't see it tag me and I will delete it.

I expect everyone to be respectful and responsible for your own post. Delete it when it sells.

If any rules are violated your post will be deleted the first time. Second time you will be deleted. Third time banned!

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