Bahamas FGC(Fighting game community)

This group serves one purpose and that is to gather competition in any fighting game.

Here in the Bahamas we play video games, we love them, especially fighting games, but we are never able to bring out our true potential in them, because we can never find people that have the same drive/interest we share in that specific field. This group is to gather as much fighting game enthusist as possible and have this group as it's hub.

My name is Alex and i am a Bahamian Smash bros Melee pro player. I love competition i love improving and i love repping my team to the fullest. I have been growing the Smash bros scene in the Bahamas for years now and i will continue to push the agenda until i have proven myself and my team to be the greatest in the Bahamas. (Which we already are :P)

Come into this group with an open mind. This isn't the "I beat your ass into a pulp and gloat about it group",this is a "learn as much as you can and have fun doing it group" So come in ask questions and enjoy the videos.