@@@@@@@ RULES OF THE GROUP @@@@@@@

UPDATE. *** Please upload an original photo of your item and not an internet upload. You will need to add a price and location to your advert.. Putting offers or inbox for a price, is no longer allowed on the group, due to frustrating the group members.. We shouldn't have to guess a price.!
You can still use ONO (or nearest offers) ***

*** Please keep all posts legal and child friendly
Any swearing or rude comments will result in you being deleted... (permanently) ***


*** STRICTLY NO BUSINESS ADS ( buying and selling for a profit / providing a service / or the selling of arts & crafts for profit)
" This is to keep the group as a selling group only "
( Members will be removed from the group, until they read the group rules ) ***

*** please do not add any links to other groups or your photos/page, Please do not bump your items until it has been on the group for at least 24 hrs, then only bump once every 24hrs after that ....
If you are selling more than 5 items please put them in an album (max of 5 albums)
All the above will be deleted without warning, persistent mistakes will result in the member being banned

***no known fake items please, selling of knives, guns, cigarettes or anything illegal to under 18's ***

If anyone has any problems with this, or within the group please inbox me..
I hope you find this group helpful

P.S I work full time and run a family whilst trying to run this group as best as I can, if your not happy with anything, you can message me directly and I will try and help. You can help me and this group, by reporting anything that don't seem right.
Thank you, let's keep this group, the best in watford