Thanksgiving is here but you are not this hurt so bad not to see you again during Tha holidays mane only if if was a fifth I would bring my nigga back so I could see you grow some more and maybe see your baby's grow I just wish you could be here on this earth with us again I know you looking down on us an we looking up to you crying calling yo name wishing we could see you hold you laugh with you an play those silly games with you words can't explain how much we missing you maybe if we get JUSTICE FOR YOU we could live in peace knowing your killer in no longer walking these streets I hate to say that I don't really like WHITE people's knowing that this is what a WHITE MAN did to you us as blacks have to stand our grounds an walk with our heads up high an let them know this is NOT gone keep going on and on I LOVE YOU COUSIN ‪#‎LONG‬ LIVE BOBBY MOORE A.K.A MR.CEOwith Torrence Hatch