SPCA Fiji Fundraiser for Medication

The SPCA in Fiji are in dire need as they are a small independent charity who rely on the goodwill of members, volunteers and donations to continue their work.

There are thousands of dogs and cats that end up starved, neglected, poisoned or injured and the local SPCA in Suva is overwhelmed with puppies, dogs, cats and kittens in need.

Many of these innocent souls who come in have to be euthanized due to neglect and many puppies are severly emaciated, full of worms, ticks, fleas and mange. A very sad start to a little babies life and the kittens don’t fair much better. It is just heartbreaking as they have very basic equipment to work with so they struggle on a daily basis to do their best for the animals.

This auction is CRITICAL as I am raising funds to send some vital antibiotics, Life saving IV fluids, IV sets, Di-Vetelact puppy and kitten milk to save the lives of the orphaned pups and kittens, Parvo and heartworm tests,critical parvo vaccines and plastic beds for the dogs and cats.

If there are enough funds I would like to make a donation to a friend called Nick who has been rescuing animals in the Philippines for many years off the streets. His dream is to finish his mini shelter so he can save more so he can keep them safe and eventually find them a home. Please help me by donating on these beautiful pieces or by making a one off donation.