Global Jewish Business

B"H, Welcome to all our Friends Connecting Jewish Business Peopl...e and Jewish Professionals from around the world

*This Group will be open for business on weekdays only!
* Este grupo estara aberto somente em dias uteis, nao nos shabatot e chaguim!

*P/ nao receber todas as publicacoes em suas caixas de emails, va em cima, no canto direito em Notificacoes , clika la, clika em Configuracoes e configure seus emails
*All the messages come from Facebook, not from us!! We were also irritated by them, until I discovered by accident how to stop them. Go to your inbox, open one email from a group, scroll down until you see something like "configure or edit email" click on that and you will see a box with preferences. ("Notify me by email....."} Usually. they are "on" by default - you have to uncheck these boxes and then "save". That's it - you won't receive any more emails from facebook re that group. Repeat this procedure one time for each separate group and also any new group you join.

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