Orland Needs

A Fun and Friendly place to BUY, SELL, and TRADE your items!
Please note that ALL spam will be deleted. Local (Glenn County) businesses are welcome to post their goods. If you have any questions about your items please email the administrators first.

If you see anything posted that is offensive or that you think violates the rules, please tag an Admin on the post or message an Admin directly.

-Only post for Glenn County and Corning residents are allowed. If you work in Glenn County you are allowed to post but FIRST contact one of the admins to get approval to list to avoid your items being deleted.
-No profanity, AT ALL, keep it clean and civil.
-No duplicate posting whatsoever, only one post for any one item at a time.
-No spamming! Bumping IS allowed, but only 1 bump in a 24 hour period and 4 total times per post within 1 week.
(re-posting the same item is considered a bump and it will be deleted.)
-Each member is entitled to 4 posts TOTAL per. day. If you have more than 4 items to sell You should make an album or put them in a collage photo.
If you post more than 4 times in one day All your posts will be removed .
-No posts of any age restricted products such as tobacco, alcohol,
weapons, chemicals, adult toys etc. (kitchen knives are OK.)
-No selling Foods/medicines on Orland Needs. In Glenn county you have to have certain permits etc to sell foods/medicines and could get fined etc if you do so without one. This includes baby foods. Your items will be deleted if they are listed.
-No giving away foods/medicines. You can take food to local food banks.
-No links, URL's, Whatsoever, your post will be deleted.
With the exception of Non-Profit organizations / groups directly involving Orland/Glenn co. (Please do Not Spam our Group)
- Please delete your post after your item has sold!
-Have questions or Concers? Contact one of the admin!

PLEASE NOTE: Admins are not responsible for any postings or transactions made on the Orland Needs page. Members post at their own risk, and members are responsible for their own ads and sales. The Orland Needs page is just a medium for community interaction.
Please only meet in well lighted public places when buying/selling items from people you DO NOT know! Avoid going to their homes or having strangers come to yours home! Sav-Mor, CVS, Wal-Greens, and Burger King are good public places in Orland to meet at!