Columbus AFB Yard Sale

Welcome to Columbus AFB Yard sale page! This page is intended to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Please take a moment to read over the guidelines. If you do not agree with them, please remove yourself from the page. With so many people involved there needs to be some type of guidelines to follow.

This page is meant for people to get good deals, and sale their things that they no longer need! It is not created for drama, so please keep it away from the page!

**EVERYONE, please make sure that you have your settings set to where people can send you a private message!**

*** This group is for any military member in the Columbus area that has base access. Please do not add your friends or family. ***


1. When posting an item Click Photos, (it will be under the name of the group) it will show pre made albums, click the category of your item you wish to sell. In the top right corner there will be a button that says "add photo" please click this. upload your photo and please put description, asking price, and where you are located.DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN ALBUM. If there is not an album that describes what you are selling, please contact the Admin to create one.

2.All items are First come First serve basis, unless otherwise said by seller. That means if someone posts- "how much?" and then another person post "im interested" the first comment that asked a question is first in line. Obviously they are interested or they would not have commented in the first place.

3. Limit of "BUMPS" 1 time per week. For anyone pscing 3 weeks or less, please message the admins about bumping 2 or 3 times per week.

4. When your item has sold, PLEASE delete the post asap. If for some reason you can not delete the post, make a comment in caps "SOLD" so one of the admins can delete it for you.

5. Unless otherwise stated by seller, if an item has shown interest by multiple buyers, and the first person that showed interest has not gotten back to you in a 72 hours (3 days), go ahead and contact the second person interested. Also, no item should be on "hold" for more than a week. (unless an agreement has been made by the buyer and seller)

6. If you have set a time and place to meet a buyer and they have "bailed" without any warning, you may go ahead and sell the item to the next in line the day afterwards.


1.Please only comment on an item if you are genuinely interested.

2. After it is decided that you will be the buyer for that item, please message the seller instead of posting your personal information on the page.

3.If you set a time and place to pick up an item, and you cannot make it, PLEASE notify the seller. We all have busy lives and do not want to wait around on you if you are not showing up.

4.If you are no longer interested in an item, please let the seller know asap.

5. If you are interested in an item, but it looks like someone else already claimed it, you can always post that you would like to be next in line in case that sale falls through!

This group is not limited to yard sale items, feel free to advertise your business! But please do NOT post more than one time a week.

This group is not limited to yard sale items, feel free to advertise your business! But please do NOT post more than one time a week.

We WILL delete any comments or post that we deem rude, mean or crude. Please be respectful when you post or comment anything this group.

Failure to cooperate with these rules can result in posts being deleted, and even permanent banning from the group itself.

All rules are subject to change. We are not responsible for any transactions made on this group, or the members agreements.