Housing Ideas for Rabbits and GunieaPigs, Even if you eat them

Post you rabbit/chickens/goats/etc housing setup, whether elaborate or basic. If you bought yours and landed a good deal, let us know. If you built a good hutch on a low budget, post the details. We'd love to see videos, pictures or drawings. Here, owners help other owners. Whether you eat your furry friends or if you keep them as dear pets, we don't discriminate :)
But at the same time, if you do not like potentially seeing dead animals, housing that in 'your opinion' isn't 'adequate', etc- keep your feeling to yourself because I can assure no one cares. PETAites Beware! The more you cry the more rabbits I send to Freezer Camp! :) and then I'll kick you cause I could really care less, seriously.
Now please, join our beloved group and enjoy.