YES Alumni Sierra Leone

By: Ishmael Sheriff and Augustine M Mulai.
We have been hearing rumours about a deadly virus called Ebola killing people in our neighbouring countries, Guinea and Liberia. But sadly on a beautiful day May 25th Ebola hit our beloved Sierra Leone and our people: mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, and friends... started dying from this deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD.) Therefore, we as a group thought it fit that we need to volunteer to join the fight to help kick the Ebola virus out of our country by donating plastic buckets, chlorines, soaps, sensitizing and educating our fellow Sierra Leoneans about the deadly Ebola virus. It is our vision to see that all Sierra Leoneans are educated about this deadly Ebola virus and how we can all put hands on deck to kick it out of our beloved Mama Salone (Sierra Leone) if not for us but for our children. The YES Alumni Sierra Leone believes that the fight against the Ebola virus is not only the responsibility of the Government, neither doctors nor nurses, but the responsibility of all Sierra Leoneans. It is our fonder mental believe that the fight against Ebola is a collective responsibility because one person cannot fight the Ebola virus but all of us can fight it and win the fight. As Mahatma Ghandi says ‘’You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World’’, and also just as President Obama says ‘’ Each of us are our brothers and sisters Keeper, when One Person Struggles is all of us Struggle.’’ which we strongly believed in.
To help kick Ebola virus diseases out of our country.
To educate our fellow Sierra Leoneans about the deadly Ebola virus.
To educate people to wash their hands with soap regularly.
To help sensitize our fellow Sierra Leoneans about the Ebola virus so that they will believe that Ebola is real and deadly as to decrease the rate of denial.
To help get rid of the superstitious beliefs in our people (especially the uneducated) about the Ebola virus.
To educate our people that they must report any suspected Ebola cases and also any dead cases to the health authorities for check up.
To educate our people that they must not touch the dead at all cost until professional medical check up is done to prove whether negative or positive of Ebola.
To educate our people that a person who has infected by Ebola virus has a greater chance of survival if he/she go to the nearest health centre for medical immediate treatment.
To educate our fellow Sierra Leoneans that the measures which government has taken is not to harm us or deprive us but rather they are taken to protect our lives.