Keep Tribalism Out of South Sudan (K - TOSS It!)

Given the scale of tribalism going on among the various tribes of South Sudan right now, don't you feel that atleast there should be something done to contain animosity and to safeguard the unity of the people in this nascent state traumatised by tribal wars? Don't you feel that instead of confronting ourselves on a daily basis we should focus on the real enemy that move the poles of our boundaries, deprive our people of their right to live in their rightful land (Abyei), confiscates our only resource passing through the international markets? Well thats what K-TOSS It! came about. We feel that since the cats and the dogs have been forgiving each other, we should also do the same. We feel that South Sudan cannot be a nation without the participation of all of us, as one hand clap can never make a sound. We feel that our diversity based on tribal backgrounds is a huge advantage rather than a disadvantage. We feel that retaliation after retaliation as a result of disagreement (s) or tribal conflicts cannot solve our national issues. We feel that its the best interest of the educated (or the internet generation) to solve these repititive problems crippling this prosperous state. If you feel the same feeling we have, please have a positive impact on this group or the outside South Sudan Society. use the time you have here on this Facebook group to learn and take something back to our community. You don't need a light-microscope to sense what has been going on in the country, the facts outweight the fictions.