YOUR-MOVE, Micronesians!!!

YOUR-MOVE stands for YOUth Registration for Micronesian-Americans Outreach for Voters Empowerment.

Young Micronesians from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), and the Republic of Palau (ROP) born in the United States and its territorial jurisdiction after the effective dates of the Compact of Free Association (COFA) agreement between these nations and the United States are eligible to vote within the U.S upon the anniversary of their eighteenth birthday. They are a growing new generation in the history of our islands. Technically, we can call this group of our young people “Micronesian-Americans.” They hold a unique power that can play a vital role in protecting our Micronesian citizens to ensure that their rights as immigrants in the United States shall not be compromised.

Our growing immigrant population in the United States, often called COFA citizens, holds the distinct right to “Habitual Residency” under the binding treaties of the Compact. Under the three Compact with the United States, Micronesian citizens, much like other immigrant groups, struggle to establish a better way of life for their families and a good future for their children. However, unique to the Micronesians in the United States, we are not entitled to many other benefits that other immigrant populations are entitled to within the context of immigration laws and policies. Micronesian immigrants in the United States often bear the brunt of discriminative prejudice and racism in education, employment, health, and housing, among other services.

The purpose of YOUR-MOVE is to educate and empower young Micronesian-Americans to exercise their eligible rights to participate in local, state, and national elections in the United States. This vital democratic exercise in human rights under the Constitution of the United States guarantees those individuals’ belief and representation is ensured.

We believe in promoting and creating political capital for the FAS citizens in the United States through encouraging our young citizens who are eligible to vote to actively participate and promote issues and candidates that are helpful in promoting the rights of Micronesians in the United States.

We can achieve this through: Voter Registration, Voter Education, and Issue Awareness and Advocacy. We will doe these with your generous donation of your time to spread the word and volunteer for voter education and voter registration.