Welcome to the new Buy Sell Swap Tamworth Areas, This site is Administrated by Matt Martin & Deborah Mitaros, by joining this group you are accepting you understand the following terms and conditions, You are fully responsible for your own ads, we will hold competitions regularly to let the sellers have a post pinned to the top. You can post anything you want to apart from clothes which is not allowed on our page. Also NOT ALLOWED are Shoe/Sunglasses/etc SPAMMERS.

As I mentioned you are fully responsible for your own sellings, when buying you should always check the item is in working order before handing over money.

- No Clothes ads
- No SPAMMERS- Shoes/sunglasses/etc/etc
- No price limits
- 3 strikes your out if rules are breached

Please help this site in growing by advertising and join your friends up to make it a better and more fun site.

Thankyou Admin.