Zimbabweans Worldwide

Hi all, we are Zimbabweans and are proud of our heritage. We have created this group so that any Zimbabwean can come here and feel at home. Feel free to discuss issues, ask for advice and if possible to give advice. There is a serious need for us to unite as Zimbabweans. It does not matter what political affiliation you belong to we are all one, our destinies and futures are bound together. There is a reason as to why we were created as Zmbabweans, and it's about time we discovered why that was and what we can do as a force for good in our communities be it back home or the world over. Tearing each other apart is not going to fix the problems facing Zimbabwe. We, Zimbabweans the world over need now to put racial, gender and tribal differences aside. Let us unite and if we can start here then at least we would have taken one step towards building a stable and prosperous Zimbabwe for us and for those to follow!!